DNA Worldwide, LLC offers a wide range of range of professional services to help your organization navigate the constant seas of change that challenge your company’s business performance. Using a combination of assessment tools, the proven Change Management Essentials implementation methodology, implementation project management services and executive leadership coaching, DNA offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to implement change with confidence, thereby creating a pattern of success, build internal expertise and capacity, and achieve improved ROI at every level within the organization.

Executive Briefing

Working with senior executives and other change sponsors who have the greatest impact on the success of change initiatives, DNA will conduct a tailored two- to four-hour executive experience designed to fully assess and articulate the proposed change within the organization and emphasize the leadership behaviors, strategies, and actions required by leadership to successfully implement transformational change. Executive Briefings are a critical first step to understanding the true scope of the proposed organizational change and provide management with an overview of the available tools and processes designed to achieve success. Executive briefings deliverables include:

  • Overview of the CME methodology
  • Feedback of Implementation Success Inventory©
  • Sponsor skill development using the Sponsor Behavior Inventory©


DNA Worldwide uses proprietary diagnostic data-driven assessment tools to gather live data from the people within the organization in order to accurately assess and validate the company’s readiness for change.  This invaluable data provides key management and change sponsors with a real-time understanding of the potential areas of resistance to change within the organization and identifies key actions to incorporate into the implementation planning process.  Diagnostic deliverables include:

  • Custom Data Reports for your organization
  • Custom Data Cuts by function and level (if desired)
  • Data Interpretation in report form as well as one-on-one consultation (if desired)

A sample of available Diagnostic tools include:

  • Implementation Success Inventory (ISI)
  • Sponsor Behavior Inventory (SBI)
  • Adoption Inventory (AI), an organizational change readiness diagnostic tool
  • Individual Change Style (ICS)

To view a sample diagnostic report, or to order one for your organization, contact David today or submit an online data request by clicking here.

Action Learning

Change Management Essentials (CME)
What makes change initiatives successful? Change Management Essentials methodology (CME) is the center piece of the DNA change implementation approach.  Delivered over a two-day program, this interactive and engaging workshop is designed to educate and empower key management and change sponsors responsible for implementing organization change by arming them with an understanding of the practical, repeatable, step-by-step CME change implementation approach.  Participants in the workshop will immediately be able to apply the tools and techniques to current projects and use them as a foundation for organizational change project planning. Participants receive a comprehensive manual which serves as a reference guide beyond the workshop.

CME Project Application Workshop
This highly interactive three-day workshop is designed for intact project teams and sponsors responsible for implementing a specific change or project. The workshop expands on the Change Management Essentials course, offering participants the opportunity to jumpstart critical projects by producing actionable deliverables while simultaneously learning the principles of the CME Implementation Methodology. Participants receive a comprehensive manual which serves as a reference guide beyond the workshop.

CME Certification
Building internal capability in a standardized methodology and toolset improves the ROI beyond specific project success.  Building the CME competency of a critical mass of select internal resources ensures expanded success of future projects.  We utilize a highly experiential case study driven process to certify individuals in the standardized CME approach.  This produces common language and skill sets resulting in an efficient application strategy tied to the program/project management process in each organization.  A subset of the certification process is the CME Trainer Certification.  This is offered to licensed organizations who want to deliver CME on their own.

Participants will receive an electronic version of the CME Implementation Plan and a Certificate of Completion.  Participant outcomes include:

  • Categorizes and reinforces prior experience in change management.
  • Case study learning experience to provide practical experience on the principles and tactics for an effective change plan.
  • Certifies the understanding of key principles necessary to create proper implementation plans.

Sponsorship Workshop
Leveraging data gathered from the Sponsor Behavior Inventory (SBI), DNA will work with your change sponsors in a highly interactive workshop designed to:

  • Build sponsor awareness of their strengths and barriers
  • Practice key sponsor behaviors in a safe environment
  • Create their own action plans for improved sponsorship

Change Management Consultation
With over 30 years of experience in change management and business strategy implementation, the DNA team provides expert on-site facilitation of the CME learning process, the development of change management project deliverables, and implementation project management services. Working side-by-side with change agents and sponsors — on all management levels — the DNA team offers reliable guidance for each actionable step to help ensure project success.

Custom Workshops
DNA has extensive experience in custom designing workshops in a variety of content areas related to change, leadership, teamwork and personal effectiveness as well as designing and delivering Train the Trainer workshops. Frequently custom designed workshops are requested to support change initiatives and specific project implementations. For more information, please use the contact form on this site, or call us today.

Leadership Coaching/Development

With an understanding that successful change within any organization must be understood and reinforced at every level, DNA offers guidance and executive coaching with key organizational leaders to insure that the right messages and behaviors cascade throughout your organization. The executive coaching model utilizes a simple process with five phases to establish an understanding and reinforce the behaviors that required by organization leadership to realize business performance success.  Specific awareness, understanding and coaching are centered on these five critical behaviors:

  • Contracting
  • Observation
  • Feedback
  • Trial
  • Evaluation

The team works to immediately establish trust, as well as assisting leaders to increase their awareness of style and behaviors in a leadership context.

Organization Development (O.D.)

DNA offers a variety of services and provides extensive experience within the discipline of Organization Development (O.D.) assisting clients in critical areas including:

  • Strategy Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Development
  • Performance Management

O.D. engagements are initiated with a custom assessment before diagnosing the root cause of the client challenge. Our consultants are highly experienced in developing systems and processes that enhance overall performance on an organization, team, and individual levels. Additionally, many projects combine O.D. support with CME services to address various challenges common within most organizations.

If you have questions about a particular challenge within your organization and could use an outside perspective, David offers a no-charge initial consultation.