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Chapter 2 Answer Page

Individuals committed to a common goal can produce great results. Answer the questions to this study to determine the key elements of a successful leader, based on the qualities and skills you highlight on the worksheet.

Interview Survey Results

In doing my own study of successful leaders (see the Chapter 2 Answer page for more details), I came up with these personality traits and qualities. Compare my list to yours and see what commonalities you can find!

The Constructionist Model of Communication

There is a pattern of communication that exists. If there is a problem with any one of these parts, there will be an issue, so it is a good guide to figure out where a breakdown may be occurring.

Purpose Statement

Having a purpose statement as a guide helps you in a number of ways—you will become more confident, self-aware, satisfied, and determined. Use this template to build your own Personal Purpose Statement (PPS).

Conscious Success Model

The foundation of your Conscious Success Model provides stability as you build upon your skills, talents, and goals as you journey toward achieving your vision of a successful life.

Sample Emotions

How are you feeling today?

Assessment PDF and Word Doc

Start your conscious success path by assessing your personal strengths and barriers to success. After you take our online assessment, download the Assessment Action Plan to analyze your report and bring clarity to strengths as well as areas needing additional focus for success.