Conscious Success Assessment – Individuals

Start your conscious success path by assessing your personal strengths & barriers to success.

Features Include:

  • Online Assessment – Your Conscious Success Assessment is accessible through a link sent to your email address.

  • Quick and Easy – The assessment typically takes only 20 minutes to complete and your results are returned within 48 Hours.

  • Comprehensive Report – Your personal report outlines your strengths and barriers for each of the 9 Dimensions for Conscious Success which effectively establish a roadmap for intentionally improving your career and life.

  • Strategy Suggestions – Each set of dimension scores provides targeted strategies that will improve your performance in that dimension and lead to conscious success.

  • Tool Kit – Each assessment includes exclusive tools and exercises for accelerating your understanding of the Conscious Success model and your pathway to success.

  • OPTIONAL Consultations – A DNA Worldwide consultant will guide you through an analysis of the collective data, action planning process and next step

By understanding the model, and then looking at your own assessment results and recommendations, you can begin to build your specific Action Plan.

How it Works:

In just 48 hours after completing your online assessment, you receive a customized report that includes scores for the 3 foundations (Purpose, Self-Awareness, Social Awareness) and 6 differentiators (Authenticity, Work Ethic, Listening, Articulation, Humor, Gratitude).  Results bring clarity to strengths as well as areas needing additional focus for success.


Individual: $24.95


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