Our Approach

Change Management Essentials (CME)

You know what your organization needs to do to compete, increase productivity, and step up to the next business-critical mission. But knowing what you need to do – what changes are required – isn’t enough.  Knowing HOW your entire organization must implement key strategies is a critical accelerator.  Change is rarely simple or easy. It is dynamic and complex. Change initiatives are famous for failure. Research shows more than a third don’t succeed. How can you turn the odds in your favor?

DNA Worldwide’s Change Management Essentials (CME) provides a reliable, 6-step process to implement successful change, reduce risk, and increase your likelihood of success for even your most challenging projects. High-risk elements and barriers to success are identified early and managed systematically, with rigor and discipline, to speed implementation and improve Return on Investment. This structured process is a must for insuring that strategic change within an organization not only takes place, but sticks, by defining and instilling the reinforcing behaviors within the culture that insures long-term success.

Getting Started – Action Learning

Change Management Essentials is delivered into your organization via a highly interactive, focused, two day workshop. Key Leaders – your Sponsors and Change Agents – gain solid understanding and a set of tools and techniques they can apply immediately to:

  • Communicate a stronger case for change within their organization
  • Understand the key deliverables for an effective implementation plan
  • Identify and contract with sponsors within their organization to implement change
  • Educate and reinforce change agents throughout every level of the organization
  • Create adoption methods and tools
  • Define and reinforce the behaviors you seek to see as a result of the change initiative
  • Monitor metrics throughout the change process
  • Measure and improve implementation success
  • Execute an on-going communication plan and strategy to reinforce the change implementation success and build internal capability to repeat future success.

Guided by the idea that “simpler is better and less is more,” Change Management Essentials uncovers where and how to apply leverage within an organization to achieve rapid, measurable results.  To learn more about DNA’s Change Management Essentials or to schedule an introductory CME workshop, please call us at 800.303.8715, or simply submit an online inquiry form by clicking here.