Anything Worth Doing, Is Worth Doing Right.

I was raised in Denver, Colorado, with my parents and 2 older sisters, who worked hard to ensure I never lost my understanding of the seniority system. This is where my early training with relationship-building really began. I still hear my father’s voice daily in his words of wisdom, his teaching that “anything worth doing is worth being done right,” and his sense of humor that has motivated me through challenging times in both my personal and professional career. I was taught to work hard and there would be fruits to my labors.

I feel I had a great childhood; a solid, fun college experience; a successful career in the corporate world; and success as an independent management consultant, and now also, an author.

Thanks, David, for showing us that we are our best selves when we realize there is a better way than trial and error to plot our course in life and achieve our ultimate level of success.
~ Ken Blanchard, Coauthor of The New One Minute Manager and Coediter of Servant Leadership in Action

Learning the Meaning of True Success

After obtaining a degree in psychology from the University of Utah, I quickly discovered that my newly documented degree skills, along with my natural athletic abilities, were not enough to get me where I really wanted to be.

I have definitely experienced the “trial and error” method of doing things, with mixed results. Occasionally I cringe as I recall some inconsiderate and selfish behaviors I exhibited as Director of Organizational Development at Coor’s Brewing Company in the 80’s, which today I consider insensitive and unprofessional. I began to realize that true success is derived from a combination of skills and behaviors for success. I discovered that, no matter how smart you are and what qualifications you bring to the table, you must interact effectively with others in order to achieve your defined success goals. As Ken Blanchard famously promotes, “None of us is as smart as all of us.”

But I also learned that you have to be 100% responsible, and adopt a conscious work ethic.

Getting Equipped for Life's Journey

I have learned a lot working with my clients, whom I regarded to be models of successful career people, and to whom I reached out to help me with my survey that produced the groundwork of The 9 Dimensions of Conscious Success. I wanted to define what contributed to my success, and what was lacking from others who had not achieved success, despite their vast experience and skill set.

Today we are seeing that we need to double, maybe quadruple, the baskets of fruit necessary to achieve a steady good-paying job, affordable home, and comfortable lifestyle. I agree with these words by Dr. M. Scott Peck, author of The Road Less Traveled, that “life is difficult.” It seems life’s degree of difficulty is significantly higher now than previous times; but if equipped to make wise and conscious decisions, there is every probability your journey will be both exciting and fruitful.

Changing with Confidence and Achieving Success

I am the founder and CEO of DNA Worldwide, a management consulting firm specializing in the execution of business strategy implementation and large-scale change. I bring over three decades of corporate, Fortune 500, and private consulting experience in organizational change management, leadership development, and training.

DNA Worldwide, LLC, is a management consulting firm that provides custom organization change management products and services, executive coaching and leadership development. We serve an international clientele by ensuring change can be implemented with confidence, internal capability, and success achieved at every level within the organization. Utilizing our proprietary methodology, Change Management Essentials (CME), the DNA approach is straightforward, practical, focused on bottom line results, and guided by the idea that “simpler is better and less is more.” This efficient approach makes change manageable and measurable – even within the largest organizations.